Offered at only a limited number of hospitals in the area, this technique is designed to deliver radiation therapy with incredible precision to tumors anywhere in the body in five or less treatments. SBRT incorporates new technologies such as variable dose rate and real time tracking to achieve the accuracy needed to deliver this treatment.

This technology can deliver radiation with millimeter precision. Tumors are tracked in real-time DURING the delivery of radiation, so that any movement of a tumor or patient, even by the smallest amount, can be detected and robotically adjusted for. This technique allows for higher doses of radiation to be administered only to cancerous cells and not to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Stereotactic radiation treatments that could take 45 minutes or longer using other radiation therapy units can now be delivered in a fraction of that time. In addition, patients require fewer treatments due to the more precise and higher doses of radiation. The majority of prostate cancers can now be treated in just five visits, as opposed to the traditional 40. Fewer treatments and less time in the department are more convenient for the patient. This technology can also be used in lung, bone, and pancreatic cancers as well as cancer recurrences or previously irradiated tumors.