Kyle McGregor

Kyle McGregor, PhD

Resident Faculty
Assistant Professor

Dr. McGregor is interested in finding ways to make people's lives happier, healthier and safer. His research starts with a bioethical framework drawing concepts from medicine, informatics, data science and population health to build tools and reshape systems to improve lives. His interests include technology in health care, natural language processing and machine learning, data analytics, research methodology, and empirical bioethics.

  • 2019–present: Assistant Professor, Main Line Health Center for Population Health Research at Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
  • 2017–2019: Data Director for Innovation and Technology, and Director of Pediatric Mental Health Ethics, NYU Langone Health
  • 2017–2019: Assistant Professor, NYU School of Medicine
  • 2017: Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Columbia University
  • 2015–2017: Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University