Radiotherapy study for patients diagnosed with small cell lung cancer

Study ID: C30610 / RTOG 0538

Phase 3 comparison of thoracic radiotherapy regimens in patients with limited small cell lung cancer also receiving cisplatin and etoposide

This treatment trial is for patients with limited-stage small cell lung cancer (SCLC), defined as cancer confined to one hemithorax. All participants receive chemotherapy (either cisplatin or carboplatin) intravenously four times over a 12-week period. Those in Arm 1 also receive standard-dose thoracic radiotherapy twice daily for three weeks. And those in Arm 2 receive a higher dose of thoracic radiotherapy once daily for seven weeks.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Diagnosis confined to one hemithorax with regional LN met
  • RECIST measurable disease
  • No prior chemo or radiotherapy for SCLC
  • Need CT C/A/P
  • Brain imaging and PET or bone scan
  • Mg+ and LDH in addition to regular labs
  • PS 0-2


  • Cis or Carbo D1 x4 with Etoposide days 1-3
  • RT 1.5Gy BID x 3 weeks (total 45 Gy) or 2.0Gy daily x 7 weeks (total 70Gy)

Additional schema information (PDF)

Inclusion Snapshot

  • Must have been diagnosed with SCLC that is confined to one hemithorax
  • Must not have pleural effusions visible on chest X-ray

Contact Information

Lankenau Institute for Medical Research trial