“I love Riddle! I have worked here for over 13 years. I give back because Riddle isn’t just where I give quality care; it’s where I receive quality care as well!”
Karen Anderson, RN, Birthplace, Riddle Hospital

“I have been part of Main Line Health for over fifteen years, and I see Paoli Hospital and Main Line Health as my future and my family’s future. Also, I see Paoli’s success as my success. That’s why I support the annual Employee Giving Campaign!”
Julie Andraca, RN, BSN, Unit 3A/Pavilion, Paoli Hospital
Employee giving donor since 2005

“I have made donations to the Employee Giving Campaign, and in particular the HomeCare & Hospice Foundation, as I have seen how money from this fund has helped a needy family get groceries, life sustaining medications, heating fuel in the middle of winter and so much more. I like that these funds help define us as an agency that goes above and beyond to help patients and families in need.”
Martha Bliss, Social Work Manager, HomeCare & Hospice

“I support Main Line Health because I believe in the services we offer and the people who work here. In my role, I work closely with the Paoli Hospital Foundation and Board of Trustees. I get to see firsthand the impact of employee donations. Whether supporting nursing and employee education, the purchase of new equipment and funding for vital programs, or financial aid for prescriptions and transportation for those who can’t afford it, it feels good to know I am making a difference in my community.”
Tina Bruckner, Senior Executive Assistant, Paoli Hospital
Employee giving donor since 2011

“I donate to the Employee Giving Campaign because I have been working at Bryn Mawr Hospital for 10 years and believe that it is a great place to work. I love my job and I want to give back. I also live in the area and want to contribute to my local hospital.”
Kara Chivalette, MPH, CTTS Wellness and Prevention Specialist, Bryn Mawr Hospital
Employee giving donor since 2003

“I am fortunate to have worked at Paoli Hospital since 2006. I support the Employee Giving Campaign for a couple of reasons. One, I like that the funds stay here to help Paoli Hospital. I also like supporting the campaign because the money raised helps with continuing education for me and my co-workers so we can do a better job of caring for our patients, and that feels great!”
Theresa Clark, Radiation Therapist, Paoli Hospital Cancer Center
Employee giving donor since 2008

“I support Employee Giving because it is a way for me to give back to. When I was ill, I was humbled to receive generous support, both emotionally and financially, from everyone in my life. You really don’t realize what you need in times of emergencies, but lucky for me, I was blessed to have all the people I work with love and support me, and I truly believe that is why I won the fight!”
Liz Defeo, System Administrator, HomeCare & Hospice

“For me giving back to Lankenau Medical Center is much like giving to family. As my employer as well employing other family members, Main Line Health has played a significant role and made it possible for my family to enjoy so many milestones. From college graduations, weddings, births and just recently retirement for my mother after 20 years at Lankenau, Main Line Health has been there. I am a proud supporter of the Employee Giving Campaign, and I hope that all of my co-workers will make a contribution to ensure continued success!”
Erin DeStefano, Administrative Assistant, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
2011 employee giving donor

“Paoli is more than just where I work. I grew up in Paoli and my family continues to be part of this wonderful community. I feel fulfilled and at home here. I have been very fortunate and am a strong believer in giving back, so supporting Paoli Hospital is a natural choice for me. Whatever I can do to give back, I’m happy to do it!”
Liz Ferrigno, Pharmacist, Paoli Hospital
Employee giving donor since 1988

“It has been my second home for over 30 years; that is why I give!!”
Arie Hallowell, Nurse Manager, NCICU, Bryn Mawr Hospital
Employee giving donor since 2009

“I give to the Therapy Excellence Fund because I am proud to be a part of such a devoted team who value continuing education so much. This will help us to stay up to date with the current research and provide the best possible care for our patients.”
Kathleen Holman Jensen, Physical Therapist O/P Physical Therapy, Bryn Mawr Rehab

“I give because the HomeCare & Hospice Foundation supports the local community. The same reason I give to my church. It’s important to me that we take care of those who are in need.”
Noel Kelly, MPT, CLT, HTP, HomeCare & Hospice

“I give to the Nursing Excellence Fund through the Employee Giving Campaign because this fund supports our nurses to learn and grow through a variety of opportunities. I feel it is important to support our nurses to be the best they can be!”
Judy Latham, Nurse Manager, Bryn Mawr Rehab

“We have many choices when it comes to making a donation to a worthwhile cause. By giving back to the place I work, I can personally see the positive impact my contribution does make to the patients I treat. Employee giving has allowed our department to purchase many worthwhile products which we continue to use on a daily basis. I like knowing that I helped make that happen!”
Laurie Maddesi, Outpatient Physical Therapy, Riddle Hospital
Employee giving donor since 2007

“I give to the Employee Giving Campaign because I appreciate the sense of community it gives. I believe in what we do, and I believe that what we do has value. I am proud to know I am a part of that. It’s reassuring knowing that I work with such generous people.”
Jackie McAllister, BSN, RN-BC, AIM High Risk Care Coordinator, HomeCare & Hospice

“Oftentimes, people who require chemical dependency treatment are unable to access services because they do not have sufficient funds or the necessary insurance. In these instances, an opportunity is made available for those of us who know the value of addiction treatment to “step up” and offer our help. It is with this in mind that I choose to donate to the Mirmont Patient Scholarship Fund. When someone is seeking the care necessary to save their lives, I feel that anything I can do to remove financial barriers is going to help them take that first step. I encourage anyone to make this their choice for employee giving!”
Joy Pettitt, Marketing Coordinator, Mirmont Treatment Center

“Donating or being of service should come from the goodness of your heart and should never be something you need to be forced into. The Employee Giving program makes it so easy and painless to give the question should be “why wouldn’t you give”? If you can help, lend a hand by donating funds to the Employee Giving program. Never be held back by thinking that your small donation won’t make a difference. Every little bit helps. After all, the ultimate beneficiaries are the patients—because all of this is to improve patient outcomes.”
Rick Rey, Network Field Engineer, Lankenau Medical Center

“I have worked for Main Line Health for 15 years and donating to the Employee Giving Campaign is a way to support all the wonderful services that we provide. I contribute to Community Health Services at Bryn Mawr Hospital because it helps improve the lives of community members in various ways. Funding offers better health education, screenings, and aid for people that may not have the financial ability to access the services they need.”
Amanda Roseboro, Sr. Human Resources Generalist, Bryn Mawr Hospital

“The Employee Giving Campaign is important to me because I have been a part of Riddle for more than 25 years. Employee giving provides me the opportunity to 'GIVE BACK' to our patients in a way that will give them the best care possible.”
Mary Beth Scheivert, SurgiCenter, Riddle Hospital
Employee giving donor since 1993

“My neighbor was a handyman for an apartment building. One day while repairing the roof, he slipped and fell, landing on his head. This fall left him with a special need. He lost his job and could not find one in his field. He tried for years to get any job to support his wife and two children. Project SEARCH trained him with the skillset needed to find employment. This is why I started giving. There are many more stories similar to this one. I am very proud to be a small part of one of the great programs in an epic organization.”
Steve Shepherd, Maintenance Mechanic, Bryn Mawr Rehab

“I am fortunate to be able to contribute to the Employee Giving Campaign every year in support of the Patient Scholarship Fund. On a daily basis, I see how the resources are used to meet the needs of patients to include payment for therapy services, equipment and support services to facilitate a patient’s recovery. It is rewarding to see the positive impact it has on the lives of our patients and their families.”
Jolynn Thomas, Speech Language Pathologist, Bryn Mawr Rehab